The start of it all!

The Entity

Late in the evening as the sun is starting to set. Shadows of the trees surrounding our camp grow longer. The crackling campfire and the rushing river became our soundtrack for the evening. We are engaged in loose conversation. We discussed the events of the next day. The hike back to our vehicle is one of the topics of discussion. The trip back to the car is nearly a mile straight uphill. The only transportation to and from the campsite is our own two feet.

We were nestled next to the sparkling Chattooga river, under the shade of tall trees. The combination helped extinguish the hot temperatures that day. Temperatures in June can reach well into the nineties even in the mountains. All the other groups had broken camp earlier in the day. We are miles from civilization. There was a town up the mountain and farther down the road, A “town” which only consisted of a Dollar General, a single gas station, and a fly fishing shop.

I felt blessed to be at one of the best trout streams in the southern part of the United States. We were thankful most of the other campers had packed up and left by mid-day. Leaving us all alone in the picturesque nationally protected river. We spent most of the afternoon catching trout. We have had a full day and finally relax with the delicious food I had prepared.

The conversation turns fun discussing how we loved this experience and did not want it to end. We made plans to return as soon as we are able. I am playing host sitting at the campfire. Serving the chicken tacos I had prepared over the campfire in a dutch oven. With No breeze in the late afternoon to aid the campfire. I had struggled to keep the fire lit while cooking. I discovered the mattress blower becomes effective bellows. Pumping oxygen into the fire.

Our mood was peaceful and relaxed as we enjoyed our prepared meal. Suddenly my child Coen has tears streaming down their face. This was in direct opposition to the laughter that they had displayed only seconds prior. I quickly jumped into dad mode. I asked my child what was wrong? Coen looked at me while tears streamed down their little face. They Informed me that sadness had suddenly become overwhelming. Unknown to the cause of their sudden distress. Whereas before they were very happy and laughing along with everyone else. They suddenly became overcome with emotion.

I tried to console and comfort my child. My son’s girlfriend Colby starts to feel that she is being watched. We are alone and isolated in the woods.

We are the only campers in the campground. The mood shifted to uneasiness as my son and I exchanged glances. The confusion and suddenness of this situation became alarming. My Children and I have abilities. At this time my son Ben and I have only scratched the surface of what I have eventually learned. Around this time we know enough to kind of sense what’s going on energetically. My son is concerned that his girlfriend and younger sibling are feeling the effects of something unseen. He decides to go look around the campsite. Upon his return, Ben informs me that there are two entities. One feels very sad while the other is hostile and extremely angry. I am not feeling anything with my abilities. I would be left unaware something was happening if not for the younger people in the group.

With the tension and drama of the moment, wild thoughts ran through our heads.

Could this entity be after us?

What did we do to attract this entity?

Why now?

We all had seen enough ghost shows on TV to know what could happen. Having seen the evidence of people being attacked by entities. The alarmed uncertainty of the moment is replaced by fear. The realization we are deep in the woods alone. Only the four of us On the strip. Our only escape is a mile straight uphill to our vehicle. Three-fourths of our group were not in the best physical shape. We determined escape was not an option. Thankfully we had practiced some form of protection from entities before the trip. I was able to create a bubble of protection for my family. We decide the best course of action: all of us pile into our seven-man tent. Cell service is not available on the river. You have to drive about 10 minutes to even get one bar of service to make a phone call.

We are stuck in the middle of the Woods with no cell service and no way to get out. The only shelter we have is the tent we brought. We have a severely angry entity coming right for us. I had never tested my bubble of protection before that day. Especially with an angry spirit. I was unsure if the protection would be effective. We hurriedly put the fire out and packed away the food. Desperately trying to retreat to the safety of the Nylon tent. Once inside the sound of the zipper stopped.

We felt slightly more at ease. Hoping to be safe from our unseen attacker. Ben and I started placing our protections around our group. We allowed the saddened entity to join us inside the protections. At this point in my life, I had not yet learned how to communicate with the entity. I was only seeing a few glimpses of the river for some reason I did not know why. I tried as best I could to comfort Coen. They were distraught and concerned about our safety.

The one thing I had always feared about the supernatural, Had come true in that earlier moment. A physical invader you can stop. How do you stop what you can’t see? Conversation diminished with the icy grip of fear looming. Each of us retreating into our heads. Sleep eventually Overtook us all. We were awoken by the sound of chirping birds in the morning. The day moved on as nothing had ever happened the previous night. We no longer felt the angry entity. The mood that morning was very somber as we rushed to get everything packed to leave.

The Morning Light brought safety enough to discuss the previous night’s events. Cohen had talked to the very sad entity. Believing they had helped the spirit cross over. We were glad the angry entity did not make another appearance before we were able to escape. That was not the last time I would encounter the entity.

“We determined escape was not an option. Thankfully we had practiced some form of protection from entities before the trip…”


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